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Fender Performer?

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Receintly I bumped into this Fender Performer guitar. I'm intregues by it's design....


A quick google don't result not much additional information. Is it abnormallity in Fender range? I notice it has 24 frets, and strange tremolo - with what looks like normal bone type nut in addition to OFR type toplock nut??? (at least that's what it looks like on pic)

I will continue my search for more information on this model....but if anyone has some interesting input. Please shoot.

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I notice it has 24 frets, and strange tremolo

I dont really think that trems to strange....my mate has one just like it on a strat that was stolen prolly around 70's which was sold to someone who gave it to him - lol....

Its a jap strat im pretty sure tho...

yeah that guitar does look pretty intruiging.... you should have a go at making one if you like it.....


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