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Aluminum Thinline Tele?

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Last night the wife and I went to the monthly blues jam (sponsored by Oklahoma Blues Society). There was a kid just blazing on this gorgeous Tele. It was kind of a brown sunburst, but the top looked like it was swirly brushed aluminum under tinted clear. Gold hardware, painted headstock. I didn't see it up close, but it looked like there was a foil "Fender" on the headstock like the American Deluxe series or the Korean Custom FMT. It had plenty of twang and bite, but not edgy and obnoxious.

Anyone seen one of these? :D

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Yeah, Bonamassa is a madman, and watching him play is really quite fun.

Reading up on those gigliotti guitars, it doesn't sound like they actually do much beside cut the metal and place it on the body. Everything else is done outside of the company, which is pretty odd when considered against the current paradigm of 'custom guitar' manufacturers.

Woodwork: USA Custom Guitars

Finishing: Roxy Guitar Finish

Assembly and setup: Service Guitar Repair

I'd still like to play one. Sounds interesting and they look awesome.

Remember the Alamo, and God Bless Texas...

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