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Les Paul Knob

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Howdy, I just got an Epiphone Les Paul yesterday. The tone knob for the Treble Pickup is loose, and it's affecting the sound (it makes it a bit scratchy, is that how you'd describe it?) kinda like if you slowly move the 5way switch on a strat and it makes that static scratchy sound. Me being the moron that i am, i thought it'd pop off easy like the knobs on my strat copy, which it didn't and i cracked the knob a little. It's not that noticable, but i'll replace it anyways. My efforts didn't tighten the knob up at all, and i then tried taking off the back cover and tighten it that way but to no avail.

How do ye lot get these knobs off? and how can i prevent this from happening again. I can't really send it back as i bought it from musicstore.com (germany) and i'm in ireland, so it'll take ages just to get such a tiny problem fixed.

Edit: Apologies, i found a post on this subject and managed to get the knob off. Mods feel free to lock this one. sorry. :D

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Wait, so is it the pot that's scratchy? Many times, you can fix a scratchy pot just by using it. Plug the guitar in and just start turning the knob from 0-10 and back pretty fast. It gets rid of the oxidation on the internals that causes the "scratchines," and subsequently makes the pot sound new. It works for me.



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if the pot felt loose but the knob didn't come off easily there's a good chance that the pot itself is bad. try what the garehanman said and if that doesn't fix it you may need to replace it. a pretty easy fix if you have a soldering gun..if not a relatively inexpensive job for your local tech.

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When i twisted the tone knob, while it was loose, the amp made that scratchy sound you get if you touch the end of your lead. that about the best way i can describe it. but i got the knob off, and i tightened up the bolt underneath and the scratching went away.

But then, when i put it back together, the pickup went kind of dead. the amp needed to be put up to 10 just to get that pup to make any sound at all, let alone a decent one, so i undid what i'd just done, took off the back plate, and turned the base of the pot so that the prongs weren't touching anything, and tightened it all up again, problem solved.

everything seems fine now, although i nearly **** myself when the screwdrive slid accross the back. thankfully not a scratch! phew!

cheers for the replies lads


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