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Question About Lace Sensor And Noise


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As discussed in another thread, my apartment is a hotbed of noise.

Lace Sensors, from what I've read, don't operate in the same way as magnetic pickups with a traditional coil construction. Will they operate in a noise-free way in an apartment riddled with electromagnetic interference?

Next: if they ARE mostly free from electromagnetic noise, anyone have a neck pickup they're parting with? :D I saw that blue one for sale the other day, but alas I didn't have the money at the time.


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Greg, I have Lace Holy Grails in my Strat...same noiseless concept as the Sensors. They do a good job avoiding 60 Hz hum under fluorescent lights & such (positions 1-3-5), but if I sit right in front of my computer screen (LCD laptop), I'll still get noise. If swivel my chair to put my body between the screen & the guitar, no problems.

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I would avoid the Lace Sensor blue, red or gold series of pickups. In my opinion, they don't sound like single coil pickups at all.

Try the holy grails as suggested above or something like the new SCMs by Fender. Dimarzio has an amazing line of singles with the virtual vintage series. There are a lot of options out there.


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