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Hey, I'm looking to get a bunch of burrs and router bits for my brand new dremel I got (LOVE the thing!) and I was looking around Widget Supply's Dremel section and saw that you can get "normal" bits, "compare to dremel" bits, and then actual bits from Dremel. Now this wouldn't perturb me... but there are some MAJOR price fluctuations between the groups. Like for the SAME 1/8" router bit it goes $1.97 , $3.97 , and $5.97. Now obviously I'd rather pay $2 instead of $6 per bit... but should I be afraid of these bits for any reason? Is there a REASON they're so cheap? Anyone used these guys?

One last thing, when it comes to burrs, what do ya'll recommend? There's SO many types! All the types are listed Here (scroll down a bit).

Thanks Guys,


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Make waste with hast

That's my favorite shape, although that's the fine toothed burr. Don't bother with any of the high speed steel cutters that look like tiny router bits(not for carving at least); they wear out too fast. This one(the fine one) works great. It makes quick work of wood, but the coarse one cuts noticably faster. Lowes carries a whole line of foredom burrs. They're expensive but well worth it. They last a long, long time and they don't heat up and anneal themselves like the p.o.s. burrs dremel makes..



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