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Set Neck Strat


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I've had a good look on the net, but I couldn't find all that much info about them. What my main question is - "Is there any point at all, or any benefits, of making a set neck strat?"

Other than Ritchie Blackmore's signature strat, I couldn't find any other info about them.

I remember reading somewhere that you really shouldn't cross fender and gibson standards (ie. scale length, neck joint style, neck angle). Is this entirely true? Or is there a catch like decreased playability.

Anyway, enough questions from me know, I've got school tomorrow and I really should be working on my english oral :D

P.S. - I wasn't sure if this was the right place to start this topic

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Benefits... thats a tricky term. If you were to have a setneck strat, it would change the characteristics of the sound you get out of the instruement. For instance, a setneck would increase sustain. However, in building a strat with a setneck, you may lose the characteristic strat sound. If you want to stick with the genuine strat sound, it might be best to stick with the standard neck joint.

If done right, a setneck would actually increase the guitar's playability. You wouldn't have to maneuver around the giant heel that is needed for bolt on necks.

My mind is rather jumbled atm, so if any of that doesn't make sense, I apologize.

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