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Easy Way To Glue A Cracked Brace?

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I just got a "second" guitar that sounds fine, looks fine except for the one finish flaw that was noted before purchase.

The issue is, the brace right beneath the soundhole is cracked. It starts at the center, and is about 1/8" by the time it gets to the body side. It won't stay down on its own, so how can I glue this thing with wood glue? I can't figure out how to clamp it and I assume CA won't work. Or is there a gap filling CA for this kind of stuff?

There's no buzzing or anything, but I got this for a student of mine and I want it to be "right" for her.

Here's a pic:


Thanks for any help.

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could do it with CA, but i have found that if u use accelerator it creates a more brittle bond, and thin CA gets sucked in the grain of the wood. u could use titebond, and put a bag of sand or wheat on top of it (while lying the guitar flat of course), plus it gives u some time to position it correctly. i recon that would be ur best bet.

my 2c.



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