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Maple Neck

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I did a search and couldn't find a specific answer.

I have some maple coming - 30"X3"X1" for a neck.

Now, I'm making a bass and wanted to know if this is going to need some strengthening? I'll probably be using an ebony fretboard but if not, it'll be rosewood.

Do I NEED graphite or can i get away with it just plain Maple?

Also I have the same piece but 3/4" on it's way too - is this too thin for a guitar neck?

Not bothered by how much they cost - £4!!!!

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First of all,it is 30" seems a bit to short for a bass neck blank unless for a headless bass, though it may have just enough length to work. I know that it wouldn't work for my next headed bass, you need to carefully check your own plans.

Maple alone is usually strong ennough, ever played a Fender? However I prefer to use graphite rods for extra reliability, you might want to do so, especially if the malpe is flatsawn.

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In a bass neck, extra support can never hurt. Often times people will put two truss rods into their bass necks, especially for 5+ string basses. While this is probably overkill on a 4 string neck, graphite never killed anyone.

I say go for some support; it's always better safe than sorry.

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The 30" is the size BEFORE I put a headstock on it mate.

All sounds well then. Graphite rods at the ready!

Looks like I've enough for a bass and a guitar neck!

I was thinking of using the bass's wood for a guitar neck instead and sorting something else for the bass so I don't ave to scarf joint a straight head onto it (seems a bit of a daft thing to do!)

Either way, I'm on a roll now cheers! :D

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