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Installing Ibanez Neck Ferrules

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Before some one tells me to search i have been looking for the last half hour, so shh. I was wondering how to install the neck ferrules, like how deep to drill for the ferrules, what type of bit, etc, if it has been covered just post a link. i was planning on building a guitar and a neck plate really doesnt fit into its design so im going with these, thanks.

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I don't know for sure, but if you have the ferrules, you could try drilling holes of various sizes and depths in some scrap and see what fits best. If you don't have the ferrules, you could use the stew-mac string ferrules. I just drilled the holes for these on an old Ibanez that didn't have the aanj that I converted to an aanj. They're a little less than 5/8 inch wide and you drill 3/16 inch into the wood. I found that 5/8 inch was a little wide but figure cause I'm gonna glue 'em in there it'll work fine. Good luck.


EDIT. Link. http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Hardware,_part...g_Ferrules.html

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Thanks for the link Gemm012.

This should do it, eh?

Use a 5/8" diameter Counterbore, Forstner, or brad-point drill bit to recess these neck bolt washers to 3/16" standard depth (this may vary according to instrument design). The center hole is 3/16"-diameter.
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you could use the stew-mac string ferrules

Did you mean neck joint ferrules or did you really mean string ferrules? I know that link isn't for string ferrules but if you built one using them, I'd be interested to know. I've never seen that done.

I used to have a tutorial-howto thread for this. It's still here but the pics are missing. If you get stuck, let me know.

Basically what I did was shape the contour of the heel, then drill the holes for the ferrules with a 5/8" forstner bit. To get the depth, I made a mark on the forstner bit just above the height of the ferrule. If you're careful, you can stop and check the depth by dropping one in and continuing if it isn't deep enough. The body needs to be clamped to do this. I then drilled the neck screw holes using the starter hole left by the forstner bit.

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