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Where To Buy Pickups In Uk


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Heya guys did a quick search and could not find any recommendation for places to order pickups in UK. Was looking at a set of fender noiseless but £110 seems a bit steep when you can import them from around £85 or so. Happy to consider other pickups, dont really have much of a clue about pickups so all suggestions are welcome.

If people could share their recommendations for retailers uk or otherwise who they have had good experience with that would be great.

Cheers Iain

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i don't know what it's like in The UK, but living in the rip off country that is Ireland, i and pretty much every musician i know buys ALL their gear online..

www.thomann.de and www.musicstore.de are the most popular online stores with a huge stock list and shipping costs are almost non exsistent..

www.chrisguitars.com is cool too, website is pretty crap but don't let that put you off, service is excellent.

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seymour duncan and fender - www.guitarpartsresource.com ($5.95 shipping)

Dimarzio - http://www.jayturserguitar.com/clhefordicus.html ($14 shipping, but price ends up same as SD's from above shops)

This works out at around 70ish dollars a pickup (£40 squid) which is as cheap as ur gonna get em. If you're lucky you can get away from import tax. Hope this helps.


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