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Mounting Effects In A Guitar...


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Ok, well in a project i'm about to undertake, i thought it'd be a neat idea to build summat into the guitar...


I was thinking of something like that...

The problem i'm having is twofold:

1) I want to use push/pull pots as switches and as controls in the circuit, but i'm not sure how or if it's even possible

and 2) How would i change the input jack in the diagram, for the lead from the pickups?

If it's too complicated to fit in a guitar, maybe it'd be easier to use This instead

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there are four pots one of them is dualganged.

push pulls could work for standard controls and to switch both the on and off ie bypass and engaged and the one were the third row on a tpdt is not used.

you wouldnt' change the input jack in the diagram. you would instead wire it up to a push pull switch.. with the bottom two lugs connected across each other. and the middle two lugs would be your in and output to the output jack. and the top two would be your fx send and return. when you look at a pedal think o fit like this. input is where the fx send would go. output is the fx return.

the way this jack is wired here is for the stereo operation to kill the battery when its unplugged. you would actually wire the tail of your guitar thisway. give me a sec and i will redo it for ya.

something else to note this is a positive ground circuit. since it is a pnp based circuit.

computer is sucking hind trumpet so email me and i will email it to you. if you didint' get the jist of it. in the txt version.



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