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Aluminium body

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Maybe you could help me out here??anyhow....

I'm currently in a metal shop planning the process of building a guitar. the setup??

tune-o-matic stop and bridge...2 humbucker....4 controls...1 switch...

baritone strat neck...i've done the plans in cad...pics coming soon...

the trouble is I'm doing this in a CNC machine which only takes 180*280 CM pieces....small design then!!!

Now to the question...phew!....

Is it possible to do the whole body in aluminum??

what shielding does one need to do??

the stop and tailpiece will be put directly onto the body...???!!!

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180 * 280 cm is quite large... maybe you meant 180 * 280 mm?

anyway, yes, you can make the whole body from aluminum. I don't know if it would feel or sound good, but it is possible to do it.

I would imagine you install the hardware exactly like you would if the body was made from wood.

personally I'd be worrying about galvanic corrosion. but maybe that's really a non-issue...

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Dude, you are a man after my own heart!!!!!! barretaguy has a good point... about the corrosion..... the answer to that would be to anodize your aluminum body or just seal it with what ever will stick to aluminum.

A little while ago Rouge wich is owned by Fender (like Squier is owned by Fender) mass produced an aluminum Strat bodied guitar. So go for it!!!!!!!!!!!! As for sheilding.... just use some kind of thin rubber for an insulater. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!


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I was thinking that while playing acdc's thunderstruck....the amp sends a shock!!

I heard of this before when guitar amps didn't have the shielding they have today...there are electric circuits that could help this...

I'm going to insulate the following: all the knobs and electrics, the mics' and possible the bridge and stop??...which is going to get hard if I attach the bridge and stop directly to the body....

the body weight is going to be 4-4.5 kg.....compared to a steinberger of similar size and shape 3.5 kg

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