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Rerouting A Strat

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Howdy everybody,

I am new here and have a few questions about my first project guitar. It is a MIM strat body with SSH pickup cavity. What I would like to do is put in dual humbuckers. Is routing out the excess area of the neck cavity to fit a humbucker much of a procedure? The truth is it doesnt seem too far fetched to me, but I am wondering if it is worth my time and money to just sell the body and find another one that is already routed for what i want. I see that many of you have experience routing guitars from scratch so I am hoping for some valuable insight. Thanks in advance.

Hasta luego


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Judging from your post (without any insight into your woodworking experience) it sounds like you could do it. It all boils down to how you feel about runnning a router, and how you feel about making/purchasing templates. If you own a router and a 1/4" straight bit you should be able to do this in about a half an hour. Just go slow make shallow passes and you should be fine. Make sure to double check the position of your template before routing (it REALLY sucks when you get carried away and go for the gusto without double checking your measurements/placements).

Welcome to The Forum, and good luck with the build.

Nate Robinson :D

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What you are asking for is very easy and very common. You don't even need a router, if you are handy with a chisel and sandpaper, but the router will make your life a lot easier...

All you got to do is mark the are that you need to remove with a pencil and double check with th enew pickguard to make sure you are digin in the right place. Then just chisel the extra wood out!

If you want to do a nice Pro job, thne get a humbucker template and a 1/2" template router bit and use it. I did mine a while ago with a dremel, and it is more than enough, after that I cleaned it up with a router by the next refinish.


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