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Body Routing For New Pickups

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Hey everyone, its my first time posting here, I have a crap guitar and i am going to refinish it and i would like to put some good pickups into it. The body style is a stratocaster but i would like to put in two humbukers, one at the neck and one at the bridge. I need to know how i would go about routing this out and what to do about the open single coil slot that would be left empty. Also would it be possible to do this and wire it correctly(pickups come with wiring instructions). Thanks Alot.

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If the guitar is made with a pickguard, changing to a dual humbucker set up is easy. All you would need is a new pick guard with dual humbucker openings. You can get one from Warmoth for about 20 bucks. Then, just "open" the body up a bit so the humbuckers will fit in the body cavity behind the pick guard, wire the pickups according to instructions and you are done.

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