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Fill For Strat Trem

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I will be filling the tremolo route for my Strat Ultra and installing a Kahler 2315 tremolo in place of the Fender American Deluxe Locking tremolo. I have measured it and the Kahler will completely cover the existing front route but I want to fill the large void left over from the original trem. I also want to partially fill the swimming pool route in my body as I have the guitar set up like I want it. Does anybody know a good wood for doing this? Should I use mahogany to kind of fatten up the sound over the standard alder/maple/ebony construction? It seemed like a good idea. A chunk of mahogany right under the bridge can't hurt right? Let me know what you guys think. :D

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I just thought I could get a different tonal flavor

File under: voodoo

You'll probably get a different tone just from using a different bridge though.

So you're saying that wood choice has no effect on tone, resonance or sustain? Maybe I could throw maple in there and increase sustain due to the increased density? I'm sure I sound naive but oh well.

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Noop he didnt say that, he said adding a small amound of a differant wood has no noticable effect on tone.

Well it's not exactly a small amount of wood. It's the entire trem cavity and possibly much of the swimming pool pickup rout. It's actually a fairly substantial amount of wood and all in the direct vicinity of the strings and pickups.

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