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Trying To Find A Bridge Replacement That Fits

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i am trying to find a bridge to fit my old squier 1 bullet. It had a 2 post style tremolo on it before. I trashed it because it was crappy. now I can't find one that will fit it. On the guitar, The measurement from center to center on the two posts is 55mm. and the wilkinson that i had planned on getting for it measured 56.8mm from center to center on the 2 post. the only other 2 post bridge i found was 51mm between the post. also i noticed that the holes in my guitar are really small compared to the post that go in with the wilkinson. the holes are 5mm and the post are 10mm. I wonder if I would have to hollow out the holes some more to make the wilkinson fit?? any suggestions on a bridge that will fit??

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um, just a question, the pins for the wilkinson shouldnt be 10mm, thats bloody huge. i have wilkinson pins on my guitar and they are only 6mm

I was just going off of a specs sheet on a website. its said the bushing for the bridge pins was 10mm. i though that was freakign huge too. so I dunno if thats right or not

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I'm willing to bet that the Wilky will work fine on the posts you already have on the guitar. If it doesn't, redrill the holes for the Wilky studs. The bridge was designed to be a direct replacement for the American Strat and most other two-point bridges, even those with stud spacing that doesn't quite match the Wilk's specs.

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