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Leveling Fretboard Before Fretting

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What I hope you did was after you pulled the frets, if it had any, you used a straightedge and adjusted the truss rod until it was flat as you can get with no relief. Then, sanded it level.

The reason you might not want to adjust the truss rod right now is because you might end up taking more fingerboard wood off in the wrong places, and if it's bad enough you can tell by looking at the side of the neck. You could have messed up by using a small radius block and sanded back and forth leaving you with a dip in the middle that you think is relief. You see, if you use this method the middle of the neck is getting sanded more. That's why I only use long radius blocks now that covers the whole neck so you don't have this problem. Good luck bro.

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It's a new neck, and I didn't think to check it before leveling the inlays. But I did try to avoid over-sanding in any one area and it's pretty close to flat now.

From your response it sounds like it's ok to use the trussrod to level it out prior to fretting. I'll try that first before doing any more sanding.

Thanks :D

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