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Changing From 3 Way Pickup To 5 Way?


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I just bought a 5 way pickup selector for my Fender Yngwie Malmsteen signature Strat. I have never done electronics work with guitars so excuse me for my naivete.

Is it difficult to change to a 5 way selector? Will I need additional wires to be able to do this? Do I need to purchase anything additional besides the new 5 way pickup switch? If anyone could give me information or tips on how to do this, I would appreciate it. A guide would serve me well, too. I tried searching for information, came up empty handed.

It came with a wiring schematic, so do I only have to open my guitar and rewire it according to that schematic and i'm done??


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I'm amazed your guitar had a 3-way switch to begin with, if it's a Strat! They have 5 switches by default. Is the Ynwie one a custom 3-position switch only?

In any case, you MAY find yourself needing some extra wire to "jumper" a few of the lugs, but it's not strictly necessary.

In any case, you won't be able to change it at all unless you have a soldering iron and some solder. A desoldering braid could come in handy, too. Total cost of soldering tools and materials needed: $20US.


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