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Sanding before Tung oil?


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Hey guys!

If one was going to be doing tung oil on a guitar with an unstained veneer top and stained back/sides, what grit do you need to sand it to before you tung oil it? The veneer is really thin and has a feel to it that is similar to construction paper. For the back and sides, would you sand to desired grit, stain, then tung oil?

Also, i've seen both high-gloss tung oil and low gloss at stores... how glossy does the high gloss get?

I really wish i could make up my mind on how to finish this blasted guitar!!! I'm driving myself nuts :D !!!



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Baby smooth to the touch would be about it, I would say somewhere between 400 and 600 grit should do.

One word of advice, if the veneer is already smooth do the wipe on Tung oil first to see if it is going to raise the grain. That way you can sand it back down smooth, re-apply it and it should be ready to assemble.

The glossy can look like glass depending on the type of wood and tightness of the grain (also using more then one application).

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