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Bc-rich Ironbird Overhaul. ((in Pink))

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Hey guys. I have recently purchased a BC-Rich Ironbird Platinum Pro in PINK. Now i want to mod the hell out of it. Give it an OFR, etc. But i want to pimp it out more. This is part advert and part customisation thread.

So what im looking for is the following.

Pink Pickup surrounds.

Pink knobs and maybe selector switch ((Remember switch is a 3 way les paul style))

Some dunlop strap locks. ((Black please))

And last but not least i need a set of pink Humbuckers. As long as they are decent aftermarket pickups just offer them to me! Im looking to spend $80 for the pair.

And the afforementioned guitar.



Please bare in mind i am in the UK so you must be able to send to me! Paypal only.

So anyway has anyone had experience in putting a decent floyd on a BC rich? How similar is the dimensions to a real floyd? Would i have to redrill the post holes etc?

I havent got the guitar in my hand til after christmas so i have no idea of the dimensions of the current floyd.


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Is it the 1980's model or the 2003-5 model? If the later, then its a licensed floyd rose and as such is identical to a normal floyd rose- why you'd want to change it I'm not sure, as it is identical to a real floyd rose in every way apart from it having "Licensed under floyd rose" written on it. I personally have a BC Rich Warlock platinum pro, and the trem is really good.

However, from my knowledge, it looks like a 1980's model (due to the positioning of the switches and pots, and the neck not having the 24th fret dots) which means it has a kahler bridge. This does pose problems for changing it to a floyd rose as the pegs are only slightly off. The peg holes will need to be plugged and redrilled aprox 1/2cm ish (I remember an old project guitar I was building and gave up on because of this). Tbh I'd wait until you get the guitar to see if the bridge is good enough as it is.

As for the pink additions, I think you'll find it easier, cheaper, and better to do it all yourself by spraying them or something. Then use a laquer spray to seal the paint from scratches. You'll also be able to spray the floyd rose (by taking it apart and rebuilding it, but spraying it may make it not fit back together) and also the tuners (on the tuning pegs definitely).

Personally, if you really want to pimp your guitar then go for a nice custom graphic on the body, and try looking into neck mods such as scalloping or paint jobs etc.

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Some very good ideas there. Its a early 90's model. I may consider a scallop job.

At least the trem isent as bad as the 80s platinum trems, those are truly awful.

Id rather have actual parts that are pink, I have the money and i dont trust myself not to botch up a job like that!

So you think the OFR should drop right in ?


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jcguitars.com has a lot of name brand pickups for 50 dollars (used) and some available in pink,

pink knobs http://cgi.ebay.com/New-PINK-IBANEZ-JEM-Kn...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/Fender-Strat-Knobs-Pin...1QQcmdZViewItem

you could probably just paint the 3 way switch tip.

Just for fun: http://cgi.ebay.com/24-FENDER-NEON-PINK-GU...1QQcmdZViewItem

straplocks: http://cgi.ebay.com/DUNLOP-STRAPLOCKS-GUIT...1QQcmdZViewItem

youre on your own for the pickup rings

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Well I don't think BC Rich used licensed floyds till the 2001 model, so no- your screwed with what its got most likely. As I said, I'd wait till you get it.

Also as far as I know the 90's models of BC Rich used a silver coloured trem, but that could have been the late 90's models...

My suggestion for doing it yourself is due to colour differences- if you do it you can get the colour right, if you buy it theres a chance it could be different in colour.

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I used to have ironbird




and it had reversed head. Awesome guitar and it sings awesome, however guitar was in participant in car crash so that guitar is no more :D !

Wierd things happening to me lol

Anyway now im left with the neck and only one of my emg's 81 that i had on it.

So im thinking of using that neck and pickup on my Dominator v project

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