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Body Shape Ease?

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This'll be my first guitar with decent wood, Ive tried with junky hardwood from homedepot, and with alright wood that was on sale. Neither turned out wonderful, the second is playable but doesnt sound so hot.

Im pretty much in between the oh so popular JEM shape without the grip and the less popular WGD shape, with more of a cutaway for easier access.

They'll be painted either white or Green, both dual humbuckers a floyd rose and a 24 fret neck.

The bodies are alder and Ash.

Im pretty much asking whats going to be easier. Im hoping to do it neck through style, but I'd settle for a set neck.

After talking to the carpenter im working with, Would putting small dowels in the wings be a good idea? Ive never heard of this done to a guitar so I have no idea if it's going to totally ruin my sound.

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Guess it's whatever shape works for you, or even modify it to be different. One single advantage to using a set neck vs. through neck is you don't have the neck in the way the whole time you're working on the guitar. If you choose to make it through neck don't do the dowel thing as it is unnecessary for a guitar.


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