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Planet Waves Auto-trim Tuner Installation

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i'm not personally familiar with those tuners but i'd imagine that they correspond to string position..if i'm correct there will be a slight difference in the post height between 1, 2 and 3 and 4, 5 and 6 will have the same difference..in other words 1 will be the same height as 6, 2 as 5 and 3 as 4.

you might check their webbsite to confirm and let us know how you like them.

edited to say..oops..i just re-read your post and those numbers don't make any sense to me so ignore what i just said. :D it's bound to have something to do with post height but i'd definitely check out their webbsite before i installed them..

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Look guys, there's no mystery here...they don't give instructions for this because there's no need for it...(and if there was, StewMac would give that info too).

The numbers are just manufacturing numbers...who knows what they refer to? I imagine that they reference the entire set, not the individual tuners...

Hold on...I think there are similar numbers on the Grovers I just bought....I'll go look...

(a couple minutes later)

All right, it's as I thought...the Grovers are marked the treble side as 1 - 1 -2 and on the bass side A -A -D ...go figure what that means...they're also marked with this symbol:


Which I'm assuming is a manufacturer's mark --the same symbol is on a set of tuners taken from the Ric-copy that started off my Rocket 350 project. Those tuners have their own set of numbers too.

So just make sure you have your treble side tuners on the treble side, and your bass side tuners on the bass side (if it's a 3x3 guitar) and you're good to go...

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