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Can Anyone Recomend A Swamp Ash Supplier?


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Hi everyone because of the fine members o this site and their habit of sharing info I am now buying from some fine suppliers of fiqured maple. I thank everyone for theri assistance.

I have a little guitar company that is feeding 7 families overseas and our cash turnover is important. We make money the old fashioned way "we work hard and do a good job and treat our customers right"...

I am really sick and tired of people who want to get rich quick from one guitar or one piece of wood. Can some one please recomend me a supplier of SWAMP ASH that is not riddiculously over priced?

I am also looking for ALder...

Please PM me or email me at awesomejohn7@yahoo.com

I need to find a "nice little company to work with" that wont go for my jugular vien when quoting me prices on an other wise inexpensive wood...

Thanks in advance for your help everyone...

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Thanks alot for your reply.. I really appreciate it. I was looking for a "southern USA" supplier for "SWAMP ASH" because due to shipping and customs duties to Europe by the time the wood is sold to a 3rd party the price markup is "brutal"...

Would anyone know of a guy in the USA south who would I could buy some swamp ash from at a decent price? Thank you in advance for your help..

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