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Delta Shopmaster Dp200 Drill Press


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I was just wondering, since I live in a house without a permanent shop,a nd I have to take my tools inside and outside everytime i wanna use them, could i get a drill press like this:

Delta Shopmaster DP200

and do all the guitar drilling I need? Ie: all I do is tuning peg holes, stud post holes, and inlay holes... would this and it's 1/4 HP motor be able to do that?

Would I have to go up to the DP350 which is the same but with a 1/3 HP motor?? I'm trying to stay small as I can remember cause I have to carry it around... but it still has to do the job...

Any help would be great.


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if the larger drill is still in your budget and still light enough to move around then i'd go with it. the smaller one will probably do everything you need to do but there are times when a drill press has to work pretty hard. the larger motor will most likely last longer and not be as subject to maintenance problems caused by overworking it ocassionally.

(hope that made snese..i'm still on my first cup of coffee.)

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The most important thing to me was the distance from spindle to post as most of the smallest one's only had around 4" which isn't deep enough to do post or string through holes - the one i settled on is 5 1/2" which is just deep enough and i can carry it around as i haven't got a dedicated space either.

Jem :D

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