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Carbon or Kevlar guitar

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Rainsong has been building all carbon fibre acoustics for quite some time. they are amazing guitars.

I've worked with kevlar and carbon fibre for years now, and I can tell you, if you are going to work with either one, be very very careful, this stuff is deadly. not toxic deadly, but it is notorius for incredilby small shards becoming slivers you won't feel, but will get into your blood stream.

Kevlar also infects very quickly if you get a sliver.

when sanding, the dust is not good for you at all either, (not like any dust is, but this stuff is worse due to the sliver thing again)

It's also very difficult to work with without the right equipement. Anyone can use carbon or kevlar to reinforce with, but to actually create bodies, and necks, requires an autoclave and intense heat and pressure.

Parker builds electric guitars utilizing much carbon fibre as well.

Kevlar, is harder to bond, harder two work with, and ugly, so you don't see much of it.

both also create rf interference which can cause noise in electronics.

check out Rainsong acoustics

and Parker Guitars

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