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3 Necks and a Jointer

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Yeah,so far.I`m taking my time, having a great time doing this project.I also paint,so it is pulling me away from the canvas for awhile.

I just added another inch of mahogany to the bottom of the thru-neck`s bodies to accomidate for neck angle.I havn`t worked it out yet because I am still waiting for the Melvyn Hiscock book in the mail for the formula.I just wanted to be ready.

I have all the electronics already and am waiting on the 6150 fretwire.

My name is cut in Abalone for the body,that will be a challenge.

I havn`t decided the methods for painting yet though.I have a professional spray-gun and air , just not a dust-free environment.Any suggestions?

I heard a spokeshave draw-knife is not the best for maple.I don`t have one anyway.I do have surforms,rasps and a floor standing belt-sander.

It`s a BLAST! :D

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