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Rg350dx Pickgaurd Best Price?

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Hey.. I am going to buy an RG350DX this weekend I am pretty sure, and looking to replace the normal pickgaurd on it with something fancy.. Where would be the best place to get one without so much trouble, and not over $50 preferably.. I just want something that would look cool lol..

Oh yeah, I am wanting to make it a H/H configuration.. removing the Middle SC pup slot.. So that might make things abit more difficult.. hmmm anyone have any ideas? I checked all the plays on ProjectGuitar's supply list, most seemed like heaps of trouble and like $80 for each. =[

Could someone make one for me or something? lol

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just buy a pickguard blank and trace your old one and make it yourself!

if not, this site might help


but remember, there is a wealth of knowledge around this forum (not including myself), and I can gaurantee you that if you look hard enough, someone has a way to make an awesome one that you would be proud to put on your RG.

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