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Honestly...I really don't thing there's anything in there that's particularly useful. Platitudes, generlizations, some nonsense I don't buy into (nitro-as-the-magickal-tone-finish rears its head again), and so on. Much better stuff's been written on the subject here, by people who really know their stuff, ie. are builders, not players. All of us (players and builders) have pet theories that are more or less unfounded, and it pays to realize that a lot of the 'mojo mumbo jumbo' is little more than that, but I'll put more stock into the word of someone who builds, listens to feedback from customers, and then makes changes to improve said feedback.

Simply hitching a ride on the 'vintage is best' train is something I find entertaining, but hollow; Leo wasn't out to make lean mean tone machines. He chose ash and alder because they were cheap, flatsawn maple because it was easy to find, and nitro was simply the finish they had back then. Guitars age, wood resonances change and develop (audibly and measurably on acoustics, so why not electrics?), so there's always that factor to consider.

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Gotcha, I'm new to this stuff, so I don't know much. It seemed like a good article.

It's an interesting place to start, I suppose, and it helps that the guy isn't trying to sell guitars, just his cds and dvds. But like Mattia says, there's a lot of supposition out there, not much of it has actually been tested, and the few tests I've seen generally result in more or less 'six of one, half dozen of the other' conclusions. Still, it's lots of fun to read about difference ideas and approaches to construction, etc.

But that's why, when you're buying a guitar, the best thing to do is to play the thing--that way you can make sure it's the guitar YOU want and like.

And when you're building, well, you go with your gut and you own personal preferences when making construction and design choices.

The only issue I have with Joe there is that he's talking about buying one guitar for life. I mean, I know there are people out there who are able to do that, have just one guitar forever, I mean. But you're not likely to find them here! :D

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About 90% of what I read in that article was total bull crap not founded in any fact whatsoever. As usual guitars love those stupid tone myths. :D

Maybe this would be fun the mythbusters to do. To find out if diffrent finishes and all the other "tone myths" change the tone substantially or don't do crap. I know I would watch that show


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