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OK, I decided to stop my search for a compound radius birdseye fretboard (thanks to those who helped in a previous topic). I went with a 12" radius with no compound.

I figured that since it is a failry common radius, I would have no trouble finding a Floyd system for it. I knew that 10" was the most common, but I though 12" would be easy to find also.

Nope, nobody seems to have them. One page from Warmoth said that the 10" might work on a 12" fretboard but I'm not going to try to cram something in there.

How do all of these guitar manufacturers get the flatter radius nuts? Are they only available to large corporations?

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I'm not sure the floyd nuts are designed specifically for use with a 10" fretboard. if they were, I think most manufacturers would have been forced to custom order nuts. I think you can safely buy a standard floyd nut. if you're feeling uncertain, why not get an Ibanez locking nut instead of a floyd original one? the people at Jemsite could probably help you with that.

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Every web site I have looked at (that sells the locking nuts) describes them as 10" radius. The only exception that I have found is stewmac that sells replacement nuts that are 14" (don't ask me why 14" instead of the 10" that come with the bridges they sell).

I you think a 10" will work, I'll give it a shot. I'll check out the jemsite for an Ibanez but I thought they were flatter (15 - 16"?).

Thank you.

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