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'78 Es 335td...

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Hey guys I've got a few pics here for ya of what is going on.

I'm not used to working on Gibsons so I'm not shure how to work some of these bridge pieces.

The action is set really low...a little bit of buzing and lack of sustain in the upper registers. The guitar has .011's on it and is tuned to a half step down.

The strings are contacting the top of the tail piece as they climb up to the bridge...i don't think thats good. No bushing is showing on the treble side and just a little on the bass.

I would like to raise the action some...and correct the set up.

how do you post pics here?

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Yeah, see if you can post some pics, and most likely we can figure it out.

I don't think it is too big a deal that the strings are catching the top of the tailpiece (I'm assuming you have a stop-tail and not a trapeze), probably all you need to do is raise it up slightly...along with the bridge if you want to raise the action.

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Yeah that doesn't look too bad. My LP Custom also does that, although not as much as the tailpiece looks to be slightly closer to the bridge on your ES.

I think you can safely go ahead and begin to jack up the bridge to raise the action more to your liking (loosen the strings first). But pay attention to where it buzzes, sometimes its not the action but a bow in the neck.

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