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Which Dremel/dremel Set Is The Best

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Which model or set(bits and other stuff that comes with it) is the best as far as value, and just ability to do the job neatly and nice? Ive never done anything more then just dots, so im new to inlaying but want to get into it cause it looks really cool and fun. Also what bits will i need to buy, the the "Downword" bits that stew mac really make that much of a difference? Or will the bits that come with the dremel be good enough to inlay stuff?

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I use a dremel multipro. I've owned 3 dremels, one of which was a cordless, and this is the best so far. I would never use the router bits dremel sells. The downcut bits that stewmac sells cut way cleaner and more easily than the bits you get at homedepot. Although, my experience is mostly with ebony, so that could color my answer slightly.



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If you want an excellent system go with the Foredom tool. It's foot pedal controlled, and built to way higher quality specs than Dremel. I also use the downcut bits from Stew-Mac. They make a difference in my opinion, and are very worth the money.

If you plan on doing a lot of inlay make the relatively small investment in the fordom tool.

Craig Lavin


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well if im going to spend the money might as well get the foredom? Is it that much greater then dremel? Does it have all the same attachments, such as a flat base and all that stuff, also does it use same size bits?

If you don't mind shelling out the $$ the Foredom is a higher quality, more robust tool than the Dremel. It uses the same bits, and it fits the Stewmac router base.

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I was just wondering, has anybody had experience with THIS

being linbide I'd assume its good, I only had good things from them.

I can get a good price on one, but if its rubbish, I wont bother,

the main use will be an insane amount of binding channel routing,

and some inlay. I use a stewmac dremel binding bit, in my router,

but if its over 20,000 rpm it digs in to the body(then router doesn't cool below about 30,000)

and the dremel has too little power.

I understand it will need a base made for it, that's no problem, I just dont wanna shell out my

hard earned cash on rubbish.


Mr Alex

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That's most likely equal to Foredom.

Stew Mac makes inlay related routing items specifically for the Foredom tool so that's nice.

I use their entire system.

I am in no way affiliated with them, etc.. I just like the tools and the bases. It works very well for me.

Craig Lavin

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Cheers Craig,

I wasn't sure how widely linbide is distributed, thought someone might have tried it.

If linbide if distributed in the states get your dealer to get in some downcut spiral bits,

if I recall right, they are cheaper than the stewmac ones. And I would assume better quality too.


Edit: I just checked my catalog, and they only have UP cut bits in the small sizes, but they go right down to 1/64".

Edited by Mr Alex
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