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Refinishin My Ibanez...

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kay! so im redoing an old ibanez i got my hands on that i really like, except theres some electronic issues and some cosmetic issues too. there are a couple good sized chips in the side and some small, random cracks and holes near the tone and volume. i was going to use the chemical stripping techniqe in the tutorial section, but what i didnt know is if this chip in the side( about the size of a half dollar) could be filled with wood filler, or if theres something else i need to do.

another question is i want new hardware, electronics...everything. i know NOTHING about any of that, what to measure, what would be right for me, what pickups are decent compared to the **** that was on it before. one thing im really worried about is the bridge. i dont know what would fit, or what wouldnt or if theres different sized trem cavities for different trems...anything...im dumb :-). if anyone can tell me about any of this, thatd be hunky dory.:D

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yeah, that looks like a finish thing too, not in the wood,you should be ok w/o wood filler

btw: your type of tremelo is a very very common and fairly inexpensive part, should be easy to replace search for things like "tremelo" or

"strat tremelo" where ever you plan to buy from and you should gets some hits

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it doesnt look like the chip goes into the wood, just the finish

I'm very confident that you're wrong. It looks like someone took a chunk out of it and tried to cover it up by going over it with a marker, and if there's a crack where a knob used to be(you said there was one there at one point, didn't you?), it's probably a crack in some filler beneath. If that's the case, the filler will need to be removed and replaced.

One thing's for sure, once you start sanding off the finish, you'll know exactly what's up. So get crack'n.



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crack0bi.jpg the "fracture might be a little hard to see, but it goes around the volume knob(where it used to be at least) then goes about an inch toward the right horn. there are also about two smaller chips around the side of the rg. and no, its not a floating bridge, and i believe its a rg standard.

i just realized what you said...

i dont think there was any filler used. what i was asking is if filler would be nesescary when i refinished it. or maybe i just dont understand what youre telling me...

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