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Lyric Finish

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okay, so i asked this in the finish/inlay section and got a little help but nothing worked...

im refinishing an ibanez rg and had an idea that id really like to do: id like to paint it straight white, but then on the front, somehow( paint, spraypaint, something) put all of my favorite lyrics line after line in a light metallic blue. my handwriting, however is terrible, and im sure my painting is worse. someone suggested typing it out and then cutting it out to make a stencil, but i had to make the words so big, it didnt work the way i wanted it to. any ideas?

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There's no easy way around trying to paint words and you probably want it small too.

I suggest stencil (but of course, not out of paper) I know they (I don't know where you live but there's Michael's in Canada where you can find lots of artsy materials) have these plastic blanks you can write and cut stencils out. But then again, if the writings are too small it wont work at all. To small by means of regular font 10-12ish.

Or this might be a bad idea in some ways but you can do the writing as a 'logo'

like in this tutorial by Jehle

Or maybe you can get a detailed artist to use a paintBRUSH to do it for you. I'm sure lotta people who work in tattoo shops are good at these stuff. (But then again.. I never met a tatto artist in my whole life. Except those that work in streets or amusement park.. think they're called something Heina ... blahhh)

Hope this helps. :D

and oh. Stencil MUST be cut by exactal knife.

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It's probably best to print it out onto the type of adhesive paper used for peghead logos and apply it to the body that way. Of course, you'd need to clear over it afterwards. Wordperfect(and other programs I'm sure) has fonts that look like cursive handwriting that would work.

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