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Custom Wiring Diagram


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hey everyone i was wondering if any one would be kind and enough to draw me up a wiring diagram or even just give me some general tips or advice. im making my own bass and im planning on using two soapbars, one volume, one three way micro switch for a pickup selector and another three way micro switch for a tone control with three different tone settings (i would like a different capacitor for the up position, not one in the middle, and a different one at the bottom position or distortion???) please help!!!

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That's not too Hard. Bit like a small varitone.

If you're using active pickups its a bit more tricky. But with passives wire up a DPDT on-off-on switch as follows. middle position is without tone affected. up and down have effects depending on the size capacitor used.

0 0 <-- Capacitor 1 between these two

to hot output from volume pot ---0 0--- To ground

0 0 <-- Capacitor two between these two

Just wire the pickup toggle like you would (Seymour duncan website!) with any other pickups :D

Hope that helps.



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