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Tutorial/info On Cutting A Switch Slot?


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i made a slot for my guitar's five way switch. yeah dremmel. i had trouble routing the body down to the thickness to mount in the cavity, so i cut out an oval of the front of the body and made a matching piece out of another piece of wood. um. i'd show you, but i don't have any pictures. bah. i'm no good at explaining what i mean. yes. dremel out the slot and whatever

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dremmel offers a small circular saw blade or a slightly larger diamond wheel. either will work well for what you need. you can do it with a router type bit if you have a base for your dremmel but if you're freehanding it the saw or wheel will give you much more control.

the way i do it specifically is to lay out the width and length of the slot that you want. drill a hole with a bit that's the same width that you want on each end of your slot and then cut the two sides between the holes with your blade or wheel.

good luck.

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