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Burns Tri-sonic

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Hello all. First of all, congratulations for the forum, it's an excellent resource for guitar lovers all around the world.

I have a Squier Fat Strat, 1997, modified so that middle pickup tone control controls bridge humbucker instead (i've exchanged the capacitor from 0.033 to 0.012 uF, so that volume would remain stable). I'd love to improve its sound, as it becomes very noisy when I turn the neck pickup on, and the pickups don't seem to have a brilliant gain.

I'm thinking about shielding it with conductive paint, as explained in GuitarNuts. Do you think it is worth the effort?

What else can I do to improve it? I thought about changing the middle/neck pickups. What do you guys advice me? What brands/models would be more adequate for a Strat? I like to play heavy stuff, essentially solos. But i like to feel the vintage sound too, sometimes :D.

I saw these burn tri-sonic http://www.wdmusic.com/burns_trisonic_pickup_29701_prd1.htm at WDMusic. Is it feasible in a strat? I saw this, and thought so: http://home.wanadoo.nl/gitaar-in-tune/inde...ter_ala_May.htm

It would be wonderful to read your opinions B).

Thanks a lot, in advance :D


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The HZ line is not lower-end, just passive. Most people don't realize they're made by Duncan and therefore rag on them even if they've never played on them. The Select series is the low-end passive line made in Korea, probably on the same machines as GFS's pickups.

I digress, anyway, check out the Duncan Hot Stack and Classic Stack, and the Dimarzio line of stacked single coil-sized pickups, too. They're pretty good at keeping the single-coil high frequency response. If you want more of a fat humbucker sound, the Dimarzio Fast Tracks and the Duncan Hot Rails, Cool Rails, Lil' 59, and JBJr. are good for all that.

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