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What Cap?


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Im putting the finishing touches to my 2 Humbucker partscaster. I have a question about the capacitor though.

Should I use a 0.022uF cap or a 0.047uF cap?

With the guitar having humbuckers as opposed to single coils should I be thinking of going with the 47? Or would the 22 do the job?

However I AM modding the HB's to be able to be split. So im worrying that the 47 might be too much. Should I stick with the 22?

Electronics is not my strongest suit. So any help with this would be apreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Those are way too big. You must mean 22nF and 47nF. Choose the cap that best suits your needs. The 47nF will sound darker than the 22nF.

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The 22nF (yes, that's .022uF) is probably a good bet. You could also buy a few .01uF caps, and just parallel them until you find a value you like. 2 in parallel would be 20nF (.02uF), 3 would be 30nF, and so on...

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