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I'm just getting into making my own effects and other such great gadgets for my guitar, but i'm wonderif if anyone knows an easyer was for me to get the parts and supplies for these projects? i'm not tlaking the shell or anything.. but all the resistors and capictors and what not i would require. i've seen a few web sites such as mouser and stewart macdonald. but i'm looking for something easyer to work with. what would be better is a full kit someone has put together. so rather then search up everything i can just select a new project download the schematic and order the parts all in a few minutes.

i just hate having to run around the net looking for the part i need and not sure if there the right ones.

lifes a bitch huh :D:D

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yea i figured it out... thanks.

not exactly what i was looking for though. There are some kits as it seems, but I was thinking more specific... such a clone effect pedal kit or a original effect kit thats more fan made then anything else with a proper parts list for an easy supplier. kinda much to ask for, but untill i get the hang of something this would be of great help to get moving.

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