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Friggin Floyds

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Hey guys, i got an old Kramer im gonna dismember to build a new project. (cause im cheap like that and all the hardware is in good shape!! :D) What im wondering is when i build the new neckthrough body can i route the floyd so that its a floating type unit and still use this trem? why i ask is because on the Kramer it wasnt routed that way and just sat on the surface and im really not sure if there is a difference in the trems. heres a pic thanks :D


here is another pic


ok ive tried about a dozen times to get those pics in seperate posts and it keeps putting them together!

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When you say "route the trem", I'm assuming you are talking about rerouting the body FOR the trem. In this situation, you will need a shorter trem block, other wise, since the trem will NOW sit, recessed into the body, ther is a good chance that the trem block will poke all the way out of the back, springs and all. Since this Kramer is a top0load trem, it probably has a 42 mm trem block. Either find the appropriate, shorter block for this trem, or (and this is probably the more feasible option) find a newer floyd trem, that HAS the shorter block.

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That is a full floating trem! Maybe the set up is not correct and this is why it is sitting on the body. You can use it on a neck thru, and you can rout a recess for it if you want more range of motion.


If it doesnt have a back rout, or sitting WELL above the body, it isnt full floating. Maybe the setup IS correct, and thats WHY it isnt full floating... you know, like a lot of jacksons, EVH guitars, kramers, etc etc etc

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