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Removin Sealer


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OK, Hee we go

I am stripping an Ibanez body using my heat gun. I have removed most of the color can see the wood. It appears that I have reached what I believe is the sealer. In some spots it is down to wood, but most of it is there. It does not seem to react well to the heat and I got some minor burns. Is it easier to strip this part with chemicals, and if so can someone suggest a brand. Thanks

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What are you trying to do? Re paint it a solid color? Or transparent showing the wood... if it is a solid color, you, indeed caused more work than you needed... All you needed to do was to scuff the old paint with at least a 400 sand paper and take care of any ding on the body, then use that as a base. Now you have to seal the wood and prime, etc...

If it is the other, then I wouldn't use chemical strippers, I rather sand it out! This way when you paint you don't run the chance of contamination.

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