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Bizzare Problem? Enlighten Me

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well i have had my led paul for almsost a year now.....i now encounter lots and lots of problems.......but i have one particular problem that has to be fixed......here we go......

firstly long time ago when i bearly knew nothing aobut guitars i was a curouis fellow and decided i wanted to look remove a pick up ring aroudn the humbucker and have a look inside that part....well my stupidity came in.....i completely striped the screws because i used an undersized bit.....it gets more stupid.......i used a power drill to get it off faster......its gets dumber.......the only way i thought i could get it off was to rip off the plastic ring and distroy it.........well i did that becuase im stupid......and also because i thought i could simply buy another pick up ring........i used pliers to unscrew the striped screws........and got them all off.....i was without this guitar for a long time becuase of my stupidity.....well it gets more stupid......i soon found a replacement ring but it was too small.....i found replacment screws....but they all werent the right length......stupid epiphones......anyway i wound up having to drill new holes and insert new holes....but they can not be seen luckly becuase of the new plastic mount for the humbucker........ anyway the result wasnt too bad but i had to still keep on the striped spring screws because i really couoldnt find a replaced but i just use pliers to rotate the head to adjust the height.......everything is mostly on look wise on the guitar except that there is a tiny tiny slit exposing the inner cavity.....its paper thin....but it bugs me but i have to live with it.....anyway.....that isnt the main problem.....but i felt that this might have caused it.......

the main problem is the buzz it makes on the amp........open fret and usually the 12 fret on low E string......it is extremely annoying to me and makes me want to destroy my guitar........i thoguht it was the truss rod......i adusted it......it went away and i was very happy......then it comes back?!?!? for no reason at all.......so i adjusted the height of the strong at the bridge.....it went away.....then it CAME back.......i thought it was the height of the bridge pickup..... because i put the switch on treble and i never ever hear it but i put it on both or rythym i always hear it.........i adjusted it.....it went away.....AND IT CAME BACK!........i have done amost everything i can think of.....my last resort before giving up.....is to.......ask you guys........

the only guesses i have left in my head.......is.......the amp i use is messed up or something or heats up when i leave it on for a while and causes buzzing (highly unlikely)

or.......the electronics is a miss........thats the only thing i never checked.......

well im nothing but ears.......

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If you don't know what you are doing. DO NOT TOUCH THE TRUSS ROD you can really mess up a perfectly fine instrument that way. It really sounds like you have no clue what you are doing. Please take it to a tech before you do something that is irreversible. If you find a good repairman he'll make it play great and it'll be cheaper than buying a new guitar because you didn't want to spend $50 on a professional job. I apologize if this sounds harsh, but its the truth.

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No offense, but your post are extremely difficult to read. I have been known to use elipses (...) quite a bit, but man, never to end every sentence. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash you or anything, just point out something that I find extremely annoying.

As for your question, my guess would be that the specific frequency of the E string is causing something on your guitar to vibrate. I have that problem with the bass I built; on certain notes, the truss rod rattles because I forgot to put a dab of silicone on it. My guess is that something in/around your neck pickup is rattlings. Something that close to the pickup will be picked up by it (even tapping your pickup comes through the amp). I would check and pickup springs, screws, etc, for looseness and see if you find anything.

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exafro.......i do know some knowledge of what im doing.......i have read up on truss rod adjustments and i didnt over turn 1/8 of a turn everytime i adjusted it.......there is no way i could have done damage irrevesably to this instrument (other then the pick up mount)........least i hope...... also i have tried finding some repairmen......ill look some repairmen up......by the way..when i wanted to adjust my trust rod (i never touched it before) i found that the truss rod has been tighted far to the right........meaning that there was no relief in the neck making it back bowed.....so i loosened it up jsut a half a turn.......am i right exafro?

As for Primal, i will write in apporpriate grammer just for you. Let me tell you once again of what i have done to my guitar to make the killer bee buzz to go away then suddenly come back. It is possible for the spring to be doing the rattling but highly unliked because i remember i took out the humber check the inside and put it back nicely together and found that everything was ok then, you guessed it, the rattling stoped. I thought i had fixed it and began my guitar playing with love again then it came back again to piss me off. So then i adjusted the action at the bridge it went away and then came back. I then adjusted the truss rod, it also went awawy and came back, so im outta luck. thats why i want somebody to spceficly point out of what i should do, if you really are sure ill check the inside the neck pickup cavity to see if anythings wrong (again) but i dont think its that. anyway i hope by tomorrow more replies will be in.


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Well, you say you DON'T get the buzz when it's not amplified?

That would suggest it's something electronic. But if it's electronic, why would it single out the open E string and just the 12th fret?

One possibliity is that the nut slot is worn out-- as a test, take a tiny piece of tin foil, and fold that into the nut slot (you're trying to fill and raise the string only very slightly.)

If that helps, then you have the option of leaving it as it is, filling and reshaping the slot yourself (CA glue and baking powder mix) or having a new nut cut for the guitar.

My guess is also based on your obvious love for the guitar--I'm guessing you've played the heck out of that thing.

You should also check the bridge saddle --that might be worn out too.

As for your humbucker screw problem, why not just fill the holes and redrill new screw holes? It sounds like you yanked on the adjustment screws in order to remove the pickups?

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Mickgaurd, i do love playing it, but it isnt only the top E string, the a string buzzes on some notes too, im gonna check and tell you right now

Low E buzzes on Open, 6th very violently, 7, 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 jsut a little

A string buzzes on 7,8,9,10,11

D string buzzes on NONE

G string buzzes on NONE

B string buzzes on NONE

E string buzzes on NONE

there you go.......while i was doing this i was drawing up a conclusion in my head. I think it is the amplifier that is the problem. When i turn it on and play open it doesent buzz like a bee. But i wait a while then bamo, its on. im gonna just unscrew some junk and look at my amp but nto to touch anything. tell you what i find.

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I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!! all i needed was to go over everything and write it down on paper and read it carefully!!!! you all must be dying to know what it is???? ill tell you

ok. So turns out as i opened up my fender ampe i was look for loose metal, something that would cause buzzing, sure enough i found it 2min after i opened the entire thing, there are 4 W shaped screw reciever kidn of things, they are sprind againist a square (very complicated to explain correctly)on the top of the amp there are 4 screw opening, they are used to hold the control center in place but the things these screws latch on (the W shaped things) the stend to rumble around at certant frequencies, there for not my guitar but my stupid amp, i intend to fix this by taping down there w things with some masking tape, you guys have been helpful, and thanks have a good life

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