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Can Someone Explain This To Me?!


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aye the mallory 150's are ok (reasonable price and nice looking) anything else is a bit overpriced

the orange drop caps are proberbly the most overhyped hence the price on this page


$7 compared to $1 average on specialityguitars

I don't know the pound to dollar conversion factor... but that is a ridiculous price for orange drops.

They're advertising them as Spragues and it clearly shows on the cap that it is SBE. Not that there is any real difference between them... but it ain't truthful either.

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Hype, hype, hype... and oh... did I mention hype?
B) Yeah, magic mojo components are like the lottery - they're a voluntary tax on the intellectually challenged and compulsive conformists! :D

Always remember, kids, anybody who tries to sell you a 630 volt film cap for your tone control may have other bad habits! :D

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