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Wipe-on Finish


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Anybody ever used a wipe on finish of equal parts Linseed Oil, Varathane and Turpentine? Marc at Gilmer Woods suggested it. Any idea on how it would work on Cocobola?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,


Here's what it is for:


i use something very similar for both my guitars and my scuptures. the only difference is that i use varnish instead of varathane..or is varathane varnish? anyway, i mix it in equal parts and apply it until i get the sheen or patina that i'm looking for. it's actually very durable and the sheen can be replinished with occasional applications of a good quality hardwood floor polish. as for cocobola, i haven't worked with it but i can't think of any reason that you couldn't use it.

good luck.

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unclej, thanks. Varathane is a polyurethane varnish that I believe is used commonly on flooring. I'll do some testing.


your welcome..my business partner makes custom short scale basses with an oil finish..he uses equal parts of poly, linseed oil and regular paint thinner and it works very well for him. i like the turpentine because i know that when the smell is gone the finish is cured.

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