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Question about a push-pull coil tap's purpose


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I just bought a Washburn 7 string because it had a Floyd Rose and my Ibanez doesn't. Plus, it was $175 and brand new. You can't find an Ibanez for that. There is this little card board thing on the pot that says, "Push-pull coil tap". I pulled it and my guitar gets quiter. It has 3 pickups, hsh, and a 5 way switch. It always has two pots, volume, and the push-pull one. What's it doing?

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Probably tapping both humbuckers into single coils rather than taping only one; otherwise, you'd get some noise is my understanding. The idea with a coil tap is that it's supposed to give you a Strat sound, with the three singles. It really depends on the pickups themselves whether or not you actually achieve the classic sound. In any case, you've at least got more versatility for different sounds and tones. Experiment with it, maybe you can find some different uses for it. If you don't like the tap, you never have to use it. It makes a good selling point if you ever want to get rid of it.

I'm planning on doing a coil tap on one of my guitars with a push/pull pot, along with two new pickups. I don't know what it'll sound like, but I think it's a cool little experiment.

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