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New Guitar Design

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im designing the next guitar im gonna work on... havent got a mock up of it yet but im working on it so until then heres a description

firebird body with CBS style strat neck

floyd rose or stop bar not sure which one yet

lace sensor humbucker in neck

pearly gates humbucker in bridge

2 volumes 2 tones (the 2 tones will also be coil splitting)

pick up selector switch (rythym, treble, and both humbuckers on at the same time)

kluson vintage split head tuning machines

not sure about the paint yet

and possibly built in delay or pre-amp?

anybody have good tips on websites... warmoth has good stuff but a bit too expensive for me ot have everything done there suc has bridge routing etc.

just let me know what you think of the plan and any comments would be nice

and if anyone is real good at doing a mockup would you mind making one cause mine looks horrible afte rabout 4 hrs of effort

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Can you give some additional details? What parts are you looking to do yourself vs. farm out? Do you want to assemble from parts? Do you want to make the body but not the neck? The more everyone knows the better the suggestions we can make...

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yea your right sorry its my first time doing this.

being as its my first time i was thinking buy the body and neck from warmoth. or i would like to cut the body myself it that is cheaper and i would be able to pull it off. neck i dont want to attempt yet. if i do cut the body i would like to just put a stop bar because i dont have enough knowledge to install a floyd rose yet and i would like to put it all together from parts myself. i can wire all the electronics up myself.

basically what im asking is if people think that this would be a good guitar design to work on or if i should plan it out more. and also if they think its a better learning experience for me to start out cutting my own guitar body and going fro mthere or if i should work my way up to it. i mean it easy way easier to just bolt on parts to a premade body and its way more your own if you do it yourself i just dont know if i should attempt it yet. i hvae cut a pickguard and inserted new pups and electronics into a tesico along with new tuning pegs and a bridge and i want to graduate from that.

just let me know what is the best idea.. and sorry for being all over the place above^

and for the built in delay and/or preamp i was thinking of getting the circutry from a delay pedal and building it into the guitar with the knobs and a mini switch so i can siwtch it on and off.. and an on - off switch with the preamp if i do that.

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Delay is a very power hungry pedal and will eat batteries like mad. Search for on board delay and other things like it, it been covered

thanks nitefly i will take into account the battery usage.. actually that being said ill probably leave it out... and i did see the other forums.... im trying to get an idea if this is too much for a guitar and peoples opionons/comments/advice on this guitar design, improving it etc.

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Yeah i've just made a new guitar design, its like a flying v, i want to go on project guitar and post all my pics and stuff of me making it there, except i will mostly make it at school :D meaning i get free material :D

have fun with your guitar, i find it easier to design it on auto cad and go from that B)

good luck

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