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Frets Popping Out

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I searched those terms but didn't find anything sorry. The frets on my 1 year old Ibanez JEM7VWH are popping out, what could be the cause of this and how do I fix it?

Also, the 'Fret Level and Crown' tutorial by Steven Kersting isn't working, are there any other fret level/crown tutorials anyone knows of?


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well, it could be caused by your lightning fast chops :D but it's more likely that the fret slots were a little too big to start with or the tang on the frets was slightly off. if it's only a few of them it's a pretty easy fix. it will require a clamp and a clamping cawl..preferably one cut to the radius of your fretboard but that's not absolutely necessary. put a drop of super glue on each fret end..natural capillary action will draw it into the fret slot..and quickly clamp. after the glue has dried your problem should be solved.

if all of the frets are doing it you might think about taking it to a qualified guitar tech and having the fret tang resized.

good luck

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