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Circular Sander


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OK, like a sanding disk. 6" is a pretty standard orbital sander size, but is there a reason you can't take multiple overlapping passes with the smaller disk? The bigger the disk, the crazier the angular velocity gets. I know quite a few classical/acoustic gutiar makes use a sanding disk to thin backs and sides, generally a standard 5"to 6" diameter.

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My drill press is to small for the 5" to reach the center of the wood.I think if I had a larger one it would reach.

Its either that or I figure out how to build the mount for my router to thickness rout.Thanks

If you're looking to thickness stock, build the router planing jig, it'll save you ages compared to trying to sand down using a sanding disc like that. Provided you don't want to go too thin (i.e. <2mm thick), the router jig will be much quicker, and just as good.

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