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I Got A Diy Amp Set...


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It's simple but I actually have great projects for it. I'll probably upgrade it with a graphic EQ that I'd get from a pedal if I have room for it.

But mostly I was thinking about building a cabinet for it with a little 8'' speaker and make it a little DIY champ. When I get to know more about amps I'll probably try to make it voice more like a Twin Reverb, maybe add a gain stage. I'll keep it simple, BUT make it more complicated B) that's how us French people think (and NO I won't give up :laugh2: )

However... If anyone's good with photoshop (or paint? :D ), I wouldn't mind some design help, and good suggestions for a 8''. The speaker needs to be decent, not amazing. Same for the cab, should I just use Pine Plywood?

Thanks for ANY suggestions, no matter how silly :D

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