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alright so i just picked up a nice SG supreme from my friend...black to white fade...preatty slick...but its got no pickups in it....now i have a pair of dizmario super dis. buckers but i want something with real tone...i was thinking should i put a emg/neck dizmario/bridge?

should i go with a full set of emgs?

help guys?

my old set up was a set of Seymor Duncan buckers and it served me well, but now i have my SG and i wanna shred it with nice tone to my dis.

thanks guys,


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DiMarzio Super Distortion/Super 2 in the neck would be a good combo. Mixing active and passive pickups is not usually a good idea, you get a drastic change in volume.

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Just me, but I prefer a PAF-type humbucker... IMO you can generally achieve a better tone with a medium-output p/u, and getting your overdrive from the amp vs. slamming the front end of the amp with a hot pickup.

But it depends on how good your amp is and what sound you're going for. If you like lots of preamp distortion (bees in a tin can :D) then I don't think your pickup choice is all that critical, something hot to drive the preamp harder is all you need.

The best tone to my ears is a PAF into a non-gainy tube preamp, pushing a tube power amp into glorious power tube distortion. :D

This might help you choose if you go for the PAFs: PAF pickup review


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