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Fret Bending Jig

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There's reference made to plans for a fret bending jig on one of the threads, however, I can'y seem to locate it on the site. Can someone help me find the plans or if they have been taken off the site, can they please redo them. :D


When people say 'the site', they mean ProjectGuitar.com. NOT these forums, which are 'the forum'. There are a bunch of tutorials on the site, including one for a fret bender under 'tools and tips'. Snoop around there.

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if i could make a suggestion..unless you plan to do a lot of fret work or just want to make one for the hell of it spend twenty bucks and get a pair of the stewmac fret bending pliers. getting an exact radius isn't critical. all you want is more of a radius than that of your neck so that the ends will seat properly and not pop up when you seat the middle and they're very easy to use.

i do a considerable amount of fret work in my shop and have always used the pliers with excellent results. just my two cents worth so feel free to ignore me completely. :D

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The Stanley fret pliers are much cheaper than Stew-Mac's



looks like somebody's been playing with they're dremmel too again, huh? :D

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